Tuesday November 14, 2017

5-2min Rounds; 1 min rest in between
5 DL 135/95
10 STO
AMRAP DU for remainder of round

Death by Double Unders – 10min
Start at 10 and increase by 5 each round (10, 15, 20…50)
**Work on DU for this part…scale the numbers (e.g. start at 5 and increase by 3 each round)

1. Scale for DU is lateral jumps over the bar
2. Log total number of DU or lateral jumps

Each person will have a maximum time allowed for each 400. When the required pace can no longer be maintained, the workout is over. The pacing will be based off 1 mile times from a few weeks ago. If you don’t know your mile let me know.