What to Expect

So, this is CrossFit Chesapeake …

Don’t worry, you CAN do this. Always bring water, a positive attitude, maybe a towel and dress properly. Wear clothing and shoes you can move in!

The first week, expect to be very sore. This is not a sign that this isn’t for you, it’s a sign that this is exactly what you needed! This is a normal reaction and it’s temporary! Drink lots of water, take in vitamins, protein and eat right! Be sure to stay active and just keep moving. Complete the warm-ups, come early to stretch and work on mobility. The coaches can show you how to roll out and stretch properly. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Some terms you’ll need to know…

WOD Workout of the Day
AMRAP As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible – typically in a specified timeframe
Rx As Prescribed – the suggested parameters for a given exercise (weight for example)
PR Personal Record
Rep A repetition or one instance of a given exercise
Set A group of repetitions (ex: 3 sets for 7 reps)
Scaled Modifying the workout to your current level of fitness

There are more, but you’ll learn those too!

A few things to consider.…

  • This is hard! If it wasn’t, everyone would be in shape!
  • The hardest part is over—you’re here!
  • Don’t underestimate the value of warm ups and mobility—it is important.
  • Be consistent—train 3-4 days a week
  • Balance with rest days—progress can be lost if you train beyond your ability to recover.
  • Remember what you eat is more important than what you lift.
  • Strength days are just as important as WOD’s—don’t skip them!
  • Your only competition is yourself— CrossFit is an individual assessment, don’t compare yourself with the white board or athletes who have been doing this for years.
  • LISTEN to your coaches! They are here to help you become the best YOU.
  • Scaling is crucial to success, everyone around you was new at some point! Don’t expect to be able to complete all movements immediately. This takes time.
  • Don’t confuse long term goals with progress. This is about your next rep, next workout and next meal.
  • Crossfit will not cause injuries, but bad form will. Please ask for clarification on movements and scaling options. Ask, ask again and then ask again! Obtain a proper foundation for long term progress and results.